Our Cover of Two Pink Floyd Favorites


AUDIO (mp3)


Pink Floyd is a real favorite in our lives, and, of course, Goodbye Blue Sky and Another Brick in the Wall (Part II) are “best favorites” on many people’s lists. Referencing the original album of these pieces, Forrest arranged them, including the effects to be utilized, to try to best match the originals, quite a feat when arranging for one concert flute and one acoustic guitar. But, plugging us both into effects units brought the desired result. My ears cringed the first time I played the overdriven lead solo at the end of Another Brick in the Wall (Part II), but, in time, I got to love it. When I heard the end result, I knew it was ‘right’.


When it came time to create the performance video of us actually playing the combined pieces, which we call Goodbye Brick in the Wall, we wanted the video to give a real nod to Pink Floyd, their message, along with the movie, The Wall.  Hence, the dog going from live to a frozen still at the beginning and the jolty, hand-held shots of the empty studio with music, instruments, and music stands, wires, sound boards, off and on, and so on, which Pink Floyd fans will recognize as part of their video shticks. At the last of the video, I added in the corrosive effects overlaying moving down a lighted corridor/station, also references to Pink Floyd and the movie, The Wall.


Videoing took an evening. Thankfully, we’re pretty much able to play these things without a hitch, so were able to get the different angles we wanted quite easily. For those wondering what program we use to finalize the videos, it’s Hitfilm 2017 Pro (There’s also a free version, btw.).

Goodbye Brick in the Wall