Laying the Tracks Today for Our First Official Album

not just a flute and a guitar - power-driven flute and electrified acoustic guitar, DLKeur and FWLineberry music
Today, with Forrest home for a week of much-needed vacation, the most they’ll allow him at one time, we’re laying the tracks for our first official album release. …At least, I think it will be our first album to be released, unless some sort of craziness happens and we get to do another release prior to this one’s set-in-stone release date. Because we’re using multiple voicing on some pieces, the tracks must be overdubbed. We usually record live, rather than overdubbing, but, because I’m playing both flute and harpsichord and Forrest is playing recorders and clarinets, along with guitar, well, without clones of ourselves or other musicians willing and capable of stepping in, overdubbing is what has to happen.

It’s an interesting process, much harder than playing live, because you have to implicitly match timing with the previously recorded track(s), not always an easy thing. In fact, not easy, at all for me who is used to syncing with other musicians in the moment.

I’ll keep you all posted on progress as we begin the long process of laying piece after piece, up to twenty in all, for what sounds, so far, to my ear, anyway, like an amazingly glorious album of Forrest’s arrangements of some traditional, but universally beloved music.

A Brand New Sound, Brand New Instruments, & a Brand New Website

We’re brand new. Yeah, we’re not babes in the woods, but we’re a brand new kind of experience, playing brand new instruments, on brand new equipment, and, now, with a brand new website, too. What’s not brand new is our ability. We’re both long on experience, and highly skilled on our instruments, though in different genres. (I’m classically trained; he’s a heavy metal rocker who teethed on KISS and Judas Priest.)

What will you find here?

Both video and audio of covers we do, all of them arranged by Forrest, as well as — and here’s the exciting part — original compositions by the master himself.

What else will you find here?

Oh, all the usual fan stuff like original custom Tees designed by me, album release dates, even sheet music to download.

But that’s all in the future.

Right now, I’m just happy that the website is up and running, and, PSSST!, if you find any glitches or errors, please do contact us via our newly minted contact us form so I can rustle around in the deep, dark reaches to make amends.